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Carpentry Training Series

Carpentry is the art/science of measuring, cutting, fitting, and assembling wood and other materials to construct buildings or other structures. Carpenters not only work with wood, other building materials and tools they also work with metals, plastic, and other synthetic materials. The carpentry trade also includes skills required to construct buildings, bridges, docks, wharfs and other construction projects. Work must be accomplished in a manner consistent with environmental laws and regulations.

The Carpentry Training Series includes three training courses:

Carpentry 1

Carpentry 1 is designed to teach you the basic skills of a carpenter and the building materials and tools you will use. Contained within this training course is instruction on construction prints, building materials, hand tools, and power machinery.


– Construction Prints and Building Materials
– Tools and Equipment
– Practice Exercise and Solutions

Carpentry 2

Carpentry 2 will provide you with enough knowledge to construct floor systems, stairs, wall systems (including the installation of windows and doors), and roof systems of wooden structures. This training course is presented in three lessons. At the end of these lessons, you will be able to take a set of construction drawings and construct a wood-frame building.


– Floor Construction
– Wall-System and Stairway Construction
– Roof Construction
– Practice Exercise and Solutions

Carpentry 3

Carpentry 3 concludes the instruction on carpentry. It discusses the requirements for competent cabinet work, explaining the kinds and selections of woods, the classification and uses of woodworking joints, and the standards for their employment. The selection of materials for constructing wooden articles, the assembling of parts into units, and the steps taken in a final inspection of completed work are presented in sequence.


– Cabinetwork
– Prefabricated Buildings
– Heavy Timber Construction
– Sawmill Operation

The training courses included are part of our Construction, Carpentry and Masonry series.

Full illustrations and diagrams included.

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