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(as of Oct 05,2022 15:16:06 UTC – Details)

All-in-one kit for Making Buttons Package includes: Button Maker Machine-B400 + 37mm Round Mould + 200 Pin Button Components + Handling Cutter. Acrylic base features connectors which can house different die mould sizes and shapes.
Acrylic base features a swivel mount which locks the moulds in place, Machine is compact and lightweight for easy storage and transport.
Magnetic connectors are compatible with 3 pieces die moulds of these sizes: Round: 25mm (1″), 32mm (1 1/4″), 37mm (1 1/2″), 44mm (1 3/4″), 58mm (2 1/4″), 75mm (3″), 100mm(4”). Other shapes moulds: Oval 45x65mm & 65x90mm; Rectangle 25x70mm, 40x60mm & 50x90mm; Square 37x37mm; Heart 53×57.5mm; Pentagon 65x58mm; Hexagonal 65x58mm; Triangle 63x58mm.
Kit includes: Button Maker Machine B400 Model + 37mm round moulds + 200 pin-back button components + 37mm handling cutter, complimentary photo paper.
Online instructions for making buttons and die mould installation and online button graphic editor.

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