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Note:The A3 Drawing Board comes with Metric System.
The A3 Drawing Board comes with Metric System. The board outsize size is 50×36.5cm and its inner sheet size is 42×29.7cm (A3 size). The drawing board is made of unbreakable Acrylic material for durability and the drawing surface is very stable and solid for any design project.
The parallel straightedge with STOP and GO locking/unlocking action guides your drafting precisely. Dual rail system is handy for ensuring straight lines, as well as clamping the paper securely in place. And the board is marked in centimeters on both edges.
On the drawing surface there are two options for secure fixation of the sheet, which can also be operated well with one hand. This is especially important for completing a title block, as all letters are on an imaginary line.Once the sheet has been clamped and the rail has been inserted, nothing wobbles on the sheet, so you can work properly. The rail can be moved up and down and locked with a movement to the left .
The L-system straightedge design allows drawing along the top edge of the straight edge right down to the bottom of the sheet, with full accuracy and stability. And the triangle ruler and angle ruler are all equipped with slot so that it can be moved left and right on the L-shaped parallel ruler. You also can Adjust and fix different angles with the knob in the angle ruler.
Packet contents: A3 drawing board x1, sliding set square with Protractor x1, sliding straightedge with protractor x1, rotating T-square with protractor x1 and anti-slip flip stands x2.

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