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Premium Metric Conversion Chart Fridge Magnet

This is an invaluable kitchen tool for anyone who likes to spend any time at all in the kitchen. These magnets have rounded corners giving them a stylish and polished design to stand out from the average sharp corner magnets. They easily stick to metal surfaces without causing any damage like a sticker or label might.


6″ x 8″ rounded corners
Full color smooth finish
Durable 20mil thickness, this magnet will last forever

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

It makes an AWESOME gift. Everyone would love to give a gift that lasts forever. Well, this gift truly does! Every time they use it they will remember you.

Beware! A LOT of other metric conversion charts are not actually magnets. They are made of card and have stick-on-magnets on the back. Our product is 100% magnet and is a premium product made in the USA.

A Few Examples You’ll Find On The Metric Conversion Chart:

Weight measurement conversion chart in ounces (Oz), pounds (lb) and grams (g)
Liquid measurement conversion chart in fluid ounces (FL Oz), cups, millilitres (ml), Pints, quarts and gallons
Cooking temperature conversion chart with gas marks, Fahrenheit, Celsius and verbal descriptions (hot, moderate.. etc)
Tea spoons (tsp), desert spoon and table spoon (Tbsp) to ml
One cup in Oz and grams for the most common ingredients
….basically any measurement from metric to imperial (standard) and vice versa.

Stylish themed designs make this the perfect gift for people who really love to cook and bake.
Weight conversion chart includes ounces (oz.), pounds (lb) and grams (g)
Oven temperature conversion chart includes gas mark (1/2 – 9), F°, °C and verbal descriptions (Slow, Moderate, Hot etc).
Liquid conversion chart includes gallons, quarts, pints, metric (ml), cups and fluid ounces (FL Oz.).
Also includes spoon conversions to metric (ml) and cup conversions to ounces (oz.) and grams (g) for the most commonly used ingredients.

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