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mulwark 26ft metric tape measure- dual sidemulwark 26ft metric tape measure- dual side

MulWark 26 Feet Professional Heavy Duty Dual Side Magnetic Tape Measure

A Functional One That Makes Measuring Work A Breeze!

Extra Long Two-sided Tape Measure in A Same Compact Size
Unlike traditional 25ft measure, this one has a 26ft long blade. It’s better to have the length and not need it than to need it and not have it, especially when it’s affordable. The dual-sided measure blade makes measuring work even more convenient!

Thicker Blade To Avoid Distortion And Enhance Durability
The 0.14mm thick reinforced steel blade with ultra wear-resistant coating is sturdy enough to enable 7ft horizontal standout and 13ft vertical standout, eliminating blade deforming or hook rivet falling off to the extreme. While the corrosion-resistant matte coating makes it much easier to read when in a well-lit area where reading gets impacted with strong light reflection.

High-Impact ABS Case With Top Grade Rubber Overmolding Enhances Durability
Besides its shockproof compact core and tough constructed ABS frame, this tape’s exterior has a molded hard rubber covering that prevents shatter or damage to the tape when dropped, protecting your measuring tape for as long as you need it.

Smooth Yet Durable Spring Retracting Mechanism
The super-strong spring roll core of this tape has improved strength as 3 times that of normal ones, ensures smooth blade extension or recoil without snagging around

Health Friendly Treatment Has Been Applied
Many measuring tapes with protective rubber jacket also bring odor emittance from the manufacture of the rubber, while MulWark’s has this kind of chemical smell diminished with material upgraded and sufficient ventilation before leaving the factory

Ergonomical To Achieve One Hand Operation
This set has enough rubber overmold around it to enhance the grip, and the blade brake is rather strong and well constructed that the raised thumb catch makes locking it a natural movement without overreaching your thumb

Rubber Strap And Belt Clip Make Carrying Easier
Wrist strap made of rubber instead of fabric makes it nearly impossible to twist up on you for easy holding, and the clip behind can be used to secure the tape to a tool bag or belt.

Clear Print With Stud Center Marking And Special Length Highlight

This metric & imperial scale combo measure owns a wide easy to read blade. Markings are extremely legible with big and bold font, having certain length highlighted for convenient measurement:

1 feet10 cm16 Inch19 ¼ Inch

Tips To Help You Make Full Use Of This Tool

The body of the tape is exactly 3½ inches long, so if a measurement is taken from the back of the tool (like measuring the width of a room), it is easy to calculate the total length.Put the strap around your wrist while using can achieve a firm hold and avoid dropping

Powerful Magnetic Hook Facilitates Your Measuring Work To A Large Extent

The magnetic end makes it extremely convenient to measure against a ferrous surface especially if you are working solo on a project. As a bonus, the magnets are also strong enough to double the tape as a magnetic pick up tool

Magnetic horizontal standout length: 25ftMagnetic vertical standout length: 26ft

mulwark 26ft tape measuremulwark 26ft tape measure


Dual-sided Tape Blade Fractional Reading 8 Meter (26 Feet) Tape Powerful Magnetic Hook Smooth Rewind Spring Inch&CM Metric Imperial Dual Measurement Thick Nylon Wrap Blade Top Grade Rubber Over-molding Ordor-free Treatment

mulwark 26ft metric tape measure- dual sidemulwark 26ft metric tape measure- dual side

Your Reliable Companion on Jobsites

MulWark is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective DIY tools of best quality. We are in pursuit of offering you the most reassuring services throughout the product lifecycle. With this durable tape measure, any measuring work would be just like a breeze!

▲PREMIUM GRADE – This portable flexible retractable decimal measuring tape ruler(8m long, 25 mm wide, 0.15mm thick tape measure) is impact resistant, rust proof, chemical odor free and can horizontally stand out till 7ft and vertically till 13ft without the tape collapsing or snapping
▲VERSATILE WITH MAGNETIC HOOK – This easy-to-read double sided electrician ruler metal measure tape with fraction can stick to any ferrous material with the powerful magnet tip, which greatly enhances the stability of the blade, especially when measuring a really long distance. The magnets are also strong enough to double the tape as a magnetic pick up tool. These make it a perfect tool for engineer, architect, etc.
▲“TRUE ZERO” ACCURATE MEASUREMENT – Measurement uncertainty is strictly controlled within ±0.2mm, and the separate magnetic claw can move back itself to deduct its own thickness when conducting inside measurement
▲COMFORTABLE IN HAND – The soft rubberized cover and its contoured shape make this tool the best fit in your hand, securely and comfortably, setting a perfect standard for tape measure
▲LIFETIME WARRANTY – All MulWark tools are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product, you may return this product free of charge with original purchase receipt or choose to get a replacement

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