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Unit switching: The laser rangefinder can change units, switching with a single button between metric and imperial units
Laser auto power off: If no operation is performed, the laser automatically turns off after 20 seconds
Automatic shutdow:If there is no operation, the laser rangefinder will turn off automatically after 150 seconds
Audio switch: The laser rangefinder can activate or deactivate the audio at will and support silent use.
Manual calibration: When the measurement has an error, you can use manual calibration to eliminate the error.

Measuring range: 0.05-60 m
Accuracy of distance measurement:
Continuous measurement function: Yes
Area measurement function: Yes
Volume measurement function: Yes
Measurement function of the Pythagorean proposition: Full mode
Painter function: Yes
Angular function: Yes
Add and subtract measurement function: Yes
Min / Max value: Yes
Auto-Calibration: Yes
Laser level: II
Laser type: 635nm, <1mW
Measurement accuracy: ± (1.5 mm + d * five hundred thousand)
Calibration interval: -9mm-9mm
Angle measuring range: ± 90 °
Laser auto-off time: 20 seconds
Automatic switch-off time: 150 seconds
Maximum storage quantity: 99 groups
Battery specifications: 3.7V 850mAh Lithium Battery
Storage temperature: -20 ° C -60 ° C
Working temperature: 0 ° C-40 ° C
Storage humidity: 20% -80% RH

Please do not point the laser at the eyes of people or animals, because it may cause eye damage.
Ideal Gift for your family & friends to do DIY at home;Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014) <1mW
❤Multiple Measurement Modes & Cumulative Addition and Subtraction-Length, area, volume, triangle, pythagorean, pythagoras, various measurement modes to meet different user needs. The laser rangefinder supports the addition, subtraction of length, area and volume
❤Delay Measurement & Electronic Angle Measurement- The laser range finder supports time-lapse measurements with a delay time range of 3-60 seconds to meet a variety of measurement needs. The laser range finder supports electronic angle measurement, and the angle is automatically measured with the mobile range finder
❤Data Storage &Auto Calibration- The laser rangefinder supports the storage of 99 sets of measurement data. When the product has an error for various reasons, it can be corrected using automatic calibration,then the accuracy is improved
❤Front and Rear Reference Switching & Continuous Measurement-The laser range finder supports front and rear reference switching, and the front and rear of the range finder are +9cm/-9cm. The laser rangefinder supports continuous measurement, The high-precision laser head assembly can measure quickly and accurately within 0.3s
❤Package Contents: 1 x TACKLIFE S5-60M Laser Rangefinder, 1 x Cloth Bag, 1 x Reflective Plastic Sheet, 1 x USB Charging Cable,1 x Lithium Battery, 1 x User Manual

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