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Do you have something for creating your own stuff? Do you admire woodworks and wish you can create something that spectacular? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a career out of woodworking and show your creativity in craftsmanship? If so, then read on…

If you fall into any of the above categories, this book is for you! Congratulations for stumbling on this treasure in a book. This book contains explicit introductory and in-depth exposition on woodworking. It is a self-help guide for those with a passion for making wood products and those who would love to make a well-paying career from woodworking.

Woodworking is a simple craft that requires very common tools and skills. Basically, anyone can become a woodworker with the right training.

You don’t need any major background knowledge or experience to become a woodworker; you might not have interacted with any woodworking tool.

Your interest in learning is just enough. With no background in woodworking, you can make your first woodworking project just how you will love it to be. There are many tips listed in this book that will help you get together that project and make it a huge success.

You don’t also need a giant house for a workshop; in this book, you will learn how to make a simple workshop of the little space you have available.

Asides from this, you will:

  • Gain full knowledge about the art and history of woodworking.
  • Be exposed to the common processes and techniques involved in producing unique woodwork projects.
  • Be enlightened on simple tips, tricks and tools that could be used to make your woodwork project seamless.
  • Be privy to information on how to build your workplace and secure your safety while you work.
  • Gain access to woodworking projects you can attempt as a beginner, as well as simple guidelines to follow.
  • Be familiar with how to fix common woodwork problems you are likely to encounter as you begin your journey to professionalism.
  • Discover some of the most frequently asked questions woodworkers typically throw up; it’s like communicating with other woodworkers within a book.

And lots more!

What else?

I have jumped the hurdles and gathered all you’ll virtually need into this book, just for you! It is high time you quit giving excuses for your inability to get a piece of furniture together.

Change the narrative, and get this beginners’ manual RIGHT NOW

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