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Are you a lover of woodworking?
Or are you looking for a gift for a friend or family who is passionate about woodworking?

Bingo! Keep on reading…

Some people do it by trade and some as a hobby, but one thing is certain: working wood is among the oldest and most traditional arts in the world.
Working with wood lends itself to many ideas, from bringing to light ancient furniture to creating new sculptures.

To become a carpenter, you don’t have to be born children of artisans who work wood by profession, but, as often happens, it can be a passion which turns into a hobby.

For all woodworking enthusiasts, this book is essential to start and consolidate your woodworking techniques.

It is a step-by-step guide, complete with essential techniques, from cutting to shaping, passing by the joints, and finishing, all illustrated and explained.

You will learn how to handle equipment carefully and use the essential manual tools to give your work the value of handmade articles.

You can choose from simple furniture and decorative objects, with a complete list of wooden parts and instructions to practice the techniques explained.

In this book, you will:

•    Find 20+ Projects for Every Room of the House and Outdoor Space with complete instructions (materials and tools needed) and detailed step-by-step illustrations easy to execute.

•    Count on Detailed, Practical Images With Step-By-Step Illustrations to ensure you can complete your project without the risk of making mistakes and having to throw away what was done or have to start over.

•    Learn the Skills to Create Useful Objects for your loved ones, demonstrate your skills to others, and isolate yourself by drawing your personal spaces.

•    Have the Chance to Learn Gradually, starting from easy-to-follow projects for beginners, to more difficult ones for those who always want to achieve something new.

•    Realize How Woodworking Develops Perseverance, Problem Solving Skills and Passion for Demanding Tasks.

•    … & Lots More!

Woodworking involves hands, mind, and heart!

There is something extraordinary about woodworking and it is so different from other activities because of:

•    its smell

•    the use of real instruments and a natural material

•    the sound of hammering and sawing

Hands and mind work together to express imagination and solve problems using force and coordination.

Are you already thinking of starting a carpentry job?

Start from this book then, and you will take the right practical step to start working the wood in the best way possible, thanks to the complete and exhaustive information you will find inside.

Say goodbye to your woodworking struggle and confusion!

Order Your Copy Now and Start to Plan your Projects Today!

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