Woodworking in America: Trey Lord

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We’re interviewing makers from across the country. Today we’re featuring Trey Lord, a woodworker and entrepreneur owner from Washington, D.C. 

How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors?
Honestly just kind of picked it up, and never had a single mentor that I could name. I learned some here and there as a kid doing pinewood derby cars and in middle school woodshop class. In high school I took a sculpture art class and decided to try and replicate our class ring out of a white oak stump and learned by doing with the tools available, mostly chisels.

During a lull in my regular professional career, I started doing paid woodworking projects mostly by overpromising and figuring out how to do it later. So mostly, I’d say my mentor was overconfidence, hubris, YouTube, and an excuse to buy more and better tools.

What do you think is your best or favorite work? What kind of work do you do the most?
I love live-edge pieces, whether its a charcuterie board, a desk, a bookcase, or a dining table.

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